With this web page Janssen’s wish is to be able to share views and new data and clinical practice from experts within prostate cancer across the world.  

In the latest years, there have been many studies looking at the initiation of active treatment earlier in the prostate cancer disease stage.
What does this change in treatment landscape mean? How do you monitor the patients sufficiently and how do you know when to change or stop treatments?
In the three videos below Dr Petteri Hervonen and Dr Eleni Efstathiou discuss and share their knowledge and experience.

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Monitoring of Prostate Cancer Patients

In metastatic disease; why is it important to monitor your patient regularly and how do you do it. Dr Hervonen and Efsthathiou share their thoughts and experience on the topic.

(4:57 min) ► 

When to Change Treatment

If and when a patient shows progression or experiences adverse events. How do you know when and how to stop or change treatments?Dr Hervonen and Efsthathiou share their thoughts and experience on the topic. 

(4:19 min) ► 

Earlier Treatment of Prostate Cancer

The treatment landscape in mHSPC has changed quite rapidly in the latest years. Listen to Dr Efstathiou’s thoughts on the past, present and future.

(4:11 min) ► 


Final analysis of the LATITUDE trial summarised in 2 minutes.

The LATITUDE study looked at the addition of abiraterone acetate plus prednisone to ADT in newly diagnosed high-risk metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

The final analysis is consistent with earlier interim analyses. 


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